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M3-108 Wattmeter M3-108.


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Wattmeter M3-108 (M3108, M-3-108, M 3 108, M3 108)
Wattmeter M3-108 is designed for a wide range of tasks measuring the mean values ​​of continuous microwave power and pulse-modulated oscillation frequency 17.85 GHz with levels from 0.1 mW to 100W.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters M3-108:
Frequency range - 0GGts-17 85GGts;
Range of measuring the mean absorbed power unit wattmeter M3-108 - 100W;
Limits of error of the instrument power meter M3-108 measurements of the mean absorbed power, excluding mismatch error log is not - more than 4% -6%;
Characteristic impedance input and output attenuator-load converter input device power meter M3-108 - 50 ohms;
VSWR over the frequency range 0.02 GHz-12 0GGts - no more than 1.3;
VSWR over the frequency range 12.0 GHz-17 85GGts - no more than 1.4;
Display device power meter M3-108 maximum, average and minimum measured values ​​of microwave power for a user-specified time interval;
VSWR of the attenuator output-load converter input device power meter M3-108 - less than 1.5;
The device has advanced features:
- The presence of self;
- Measurement of power in dB relative power level given by;
- Measuring instrument power meter M3-108% power given by the relative power level;
- Automatic identification of connected converter type;
- Automatic installation of the preparation for measurements (heating time);
- Automatic correction of zero;
- Manual and automatic selection of sub-ranges of measurements the instrument power meter M3-108;
- Automatic and manual input of the frequency factor correction;
- Built-in calibrator output (3 levels of power calibration power meter M3-108);
- Auto-calibration without disconnecting from the path of the microwave;
- Tolerance control of the lower and upper levels of power;
- Exit / entrance to the PPC via a standard RS-232 interface;
The presence of a microprocessor control provides a readout of measurement results in physical units of power uW, mW, W, and in decibels relative to 1 mW level (dBm) or in respect of any specified operator level in dB and%;
The device power meter M3-108 enables us to compare the current value of the measured power with the lower and / or upper predetermined value of power, which is formed when the information in the form of symbols (the display) and the signals of the excess (understatement), the measured power of the given values;
There is the 4th mode of processing the measurement results on optimal algorithms implementing the various tasks of the user;
The device consists of a standardized measuring unit and 4 types of microwave power receiving transducers;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit absorbed power wattmeter M3-108 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.