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M3-106 Wattmeter M3-106.


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Wattmeter M3-106 (M3106, M-3-106, M 3 106, M3 106)
Wattmeter M3-106 is designed to measure the power of continuous and pulse-modulated signals (average).
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters M3-106:
Frequency range - 5 ∙ 10 -4 MHz-1200MHz;
Range of measuring the mean absorbed power unit wattmeter M3-106 - 1W-19, 99Vt, 20W-199, 9W, 200W-1500W;
Limits of error of the instrument power meter M3-106 measurements of the mean absorbed power, excluding mismatch error log no more than the values ​​calculated by the formulas:
- In the frequency range from 50Hz to 1MHz - ± (6 +0,1 ∙ G)%;
- In the frequency range from 1MHz to 800MHz - ± (10 +0,1 ∙ G)%;
- In the range of frequencies from 800MHz up to 1200MHz - ± (15 +0,1 ∙ G)%;
G = │ (P c / P x) -1 │, where P k - the final value of the range (sub-band) power measurements, W, P x - measured value of power, W;
Characteristic impedance input and output attenuator-load converter input device power meter M3-106 - 50 ohms;
Input VSWR of tract 7/3, 04mm and 16/6, 95mm:
- In the frequency range from 50Hz to 800MHz - no more than 1.15;
- In the frequency range from 800Hz up to 1200MHz - no more than 1.15;
VSWR of the attenuator output-load converter input device power meter M3-106 - less than 1.5;
Power supply
- Pad-load - AC mains 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz, harmonic content less than 5%;
- A display device - electric batteries with a total voltage of ± 6V;
Highway entrances - 7/3, 04mm, 16/6, 95mm;
Tract O attenuator-load converter input device power meter M3-106 - 7/3, 04mm;
Power consumption - less than 60 V ∙ A;
Weight of the device power meter M3-106 - no more than 21kg;
- Pad-load - no more 347h140h215mm;
- A display device - not bolee103h207h44, 5mm;
MTBF unit power meter M3-106 - at least 15,000 hours;
The device consists of three blocks:
- Attenuator-load;
- Converter;
- Display unit;
The principle of the device power meter M3-106 is based on the selection of the power sine wave or pulse-modulated signal, converting it into DC voltage, scaling and display the measurement result on the LCD display;
Most of the energy supplied to the input device is converted into heat and dissipated;
Attenuator-load device wattmeter M3-106 includes a pad and a control device.Resistive attenuator has two outputs, one of which is designed to connect the transmitter to it and the other is used to connect other devices (such as frequency). If this output is not used, it is connected to the load resistance of 50 ohms from the SPTA-O devices;
The control unit controls the operation of cooling fans to provide the required heat load and display modes of the emergency;
The transmitter unit power meter M3-106 is used to convert the average absorbed power in a constant voltage proportional to the average signal power;
Display device is designed to convert a DC voltage coming from the output of the converter to digitize and display corresponding to this voltage output;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit absorbed power wattmeter M3-106 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.