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     Curve tracer Kh1-7B (Kh-1-7B, Kh 1-7B)

     Curve tracer Kh1-7B - a device that is designed to study the amplitude-frequency characteristics of two-and tuning, as well as for repair and calibration televisions.
     The main characteristics of the curve tracer Kh1-7B
     - Frequency Range - 0.4 - 235MGts; 430 - 980MGts;
     - Swing band - 0.5 - 15MHz, 20MHz;
     - Power meter response X1-7B: AC 220V 50Hz;
     - Power consumption: 150W.
     The device Kh1-7B has the following dimensions - 150h220h350mm, and weighs about 7.5 kg.
     Technical characteristics
     Devices Kh1-7B have an output voltage constituting 1B.
     In the curve tracer Kh1-7B provides frequency labels at 1, 10, 50 MHz, and the ability to obtain the label for the external oscillator. The scale of frequency in the vertical labels on the display screen unit is not less than 5mm. At a frequency of 700-980MGts sweep frequency response meter mark Kh1-7B, following a frequency of 1 MHz is not nominated. The outer label is formed from high-frequency voltage not exceeding 30 mV.
     The deviation of the frequency scale on the display screen of the linear law at maximum bandwidth is not within ± 10% and 10 MHz band swing fall within ± 6%.
     Unevenness of its own frequency response in the band rocking at 15MHz sub-band I do not go beyond ± 0,5 dB in the band rocking at 20MHz sub-band II are within the ± 1,0 dB.
     Frequency sweep the output voltage when it is functioning in a matched load in each frequency subband is within ± 1,5 dB.
     Period sweep at work in oscillographic mode is adjustable from 100ms 50mksdo and overlaps the three sub-bands:
     - I sub-band - a period of not more than 50mks sweep and at least 600mks;
     - II sub-band - a period of not more than sweep 500mks and not less than 8ms;
     - III sub-band - a period of not more than 7 ms sweep and not less than 100ms.
     When operating in the period of oscillation frequency sweep 20ms (from the network).
     Accuracy of the indicative scale of center frequencies meter response Kh1-7B is within ± 20 MHz.
     Limits infinitely adjustable output voltage sweep than 50 dB. Tolerance attenuation output voltage within ± 5 dB.
     The level of spurious oscillation output voltage sweep at least - 20 dB.
     SWR does not sweep out more on the I sub-band 1.6 and 2.0 on the sub-band II with the weakening of the attenuator 8 dB or more, and when I extracted the weakening in the sub-band is not more than 2.3 on the sub-band II is not more than 2.6.
     Degree meter locking Kh1-7B during retraction of at least 50 dB. The sensitivity of the instrument by KVO Kh1-7B with a remote detector of at least 0.5 mm / mV rms.
     The background noise level in the work of the display device at maximum gain SVR is not more than 3 mm.
     The limits of the sensitivity curve tracer Kh1-7B - not less than 70 dB. Tolerance divider attenuation input stage via 20 dB is within ± 1 dB. Smooth divisor adjustment range - not less than 20 dB.
     Deviation amplitude detector device without KVO from the linear does not exceed 15%. Deviation amplitude detector device without KVO from the linear does not exceed 25%.
     The frequency response of the channel vertical deflection when using an oscilloscope mode at 3 dB:
     - The lower the frequency is not more than 0.7 Hz;
     - The highest rate - not less than 400 kHz.
     Input impedance devices CWE Kh1-7B without the detector head at least 100K and capacity of no more than 50 pF. Input impedance devices CWE Kh1-7B with the detector head at least 15kohms and capacitance is not a 4PF. SWR 75-ohm input meter CEP agreed with the detector head is not more than 1.25.
     In oscillographic sweep mode, synchronization of the signal in the CEP at the maximum sensitivity of the voltage provided by KVO 5 mV or more. Synchronization is provided by changing the frequency of ± 3%.
     Curve tracer Kh1-7B provide their specifications in the redistribution rate for 15 minutes after samoprogreva. The device Kh1-7B allows continuous operation for 16 hours, while still maintaining its specifications within the rules set out in technical terms.
     Operating conditions Kh1-7B
     The meter response Kh1-7B are designed to work under the following conditions:
     - Ambient temperature of 10 º C to 35 º C;
     - Relative humidity - less than 80% at a temperature up to 26 º C;
     - Atmospheric pressure of 750 ± 30 mm Hg

Photos: Kh1-7B

Kh1-7B device image.
Kh1-7B device image.