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    Motor KD-60-4/50RK
    Also, this device can be called: KD 60-4/50RK, KD60450RK, KD-60 4/50RK, KD 604/50-RK.

KD-60-4/50RK single-phase motor capacitor asynchronous designed to drive a wide range of household electrical appliances. Suitable for fans, denominations and accounting machines.
    Technical specifications of the devices motors KD-60-4/50RK

    Rated supply voltage of 220V.
    Rated supply frequency 50Hz.
    Rated power 60W.
    Number of poles - 4.
    Nominal current 0.48 A.
    Rated speed of 1350 min-1.
    Efficiency of 60%.
    Multiplicity of starting torque to rated 0.55.
    Noise Level 55 dBA.
    The capacitor 4 mF.
    Engine weight - 3.5 kg.

Photos: KD-60-4/50RK

KD-60-4/50RK overall, installation and connection dimensions.
KD-60-4/50RK overall, installation and connection dimensions.
KD-60-4/50RK overview.
KD-60-4/50RK overview.