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Made in: 2017.


    Indicator IZhTs14-4/7 (IZhTs 14-4/7; IZhTs-14-4/7)

    Indicator IZhTs14-4/7 - four-digit LCD digital device for displaying information.
    Current display: no more than 10uA.
    Luminance contrast of its own: at least 87%.
    Response time: less than 250ms.
    The relaxation time: less than 250ms.
    Multiplex: 2
    Supply Voltage: 2.4 - 3.1 V.
    Current consumption: less than 0.4 uA
    Dimensions: 63×32mm.

    Specifications IZhTs14-4/7

    Package specifications indicators filed in Figure 1.

    Figure 1.
IZhTs14-4/7 display dimensions and diagram of the device
    IZhTs14-4/7 display dimensions and diagram of the device.
    Indicators IZhTs14-4/7 of use for the following characteristics:
    - Current - not more than 25.5 mA;
    - The contrast of brightness own - at least 50%.
    For gamma-percent storage time for the device is characterized by:
    - Current - no more 25mkA;
    - The contrast of brightness own - at least 50%.
    Permissible operating IZhTs14-4/7 served in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Parameter name No less Not more than
Control voltage, V 2.4 6.0
The frequency control voltage, Hz 30 100
    Operating conditions IZhTs14-4/7
    Indicators can not be cleaned with harsh materials, and act on them materials with sharp surfaces. Working with the device should be done with gloves or fingertips.
    Indicator IZhTs14-4/7 must not be subjected to shock, shaking, as well as the influence of temperature above 60 º C.

Photos: IZhTs14-4/7

IZhTs14-4/7 device image.
IZhTs14-4/7 device image.
IZhTs14-4/7 front view.
IZhTs14-4/7 front view.
IZhTs14-4/7 rear view.
IZhTs14-4/7 rear view.