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Tachometer ITM-1 Marine (ITM1, ITM 1)
Tachometer ITM-1 Marine is designed for continuous measurement and display the number of revolutions of the motor shaft.
Works with sensor type DTM, which is a magneto AC generator, which converts the rotation of the motor shaft in a three-phase electric current with a frequency proportional to the number of motor revolutions.
Remote electric tachometer ITM-1 is designed for use in temperate climates.
Technical characteristics of the devices tachometers ITM-1 Marine:
The limits of speed measurement
The error set the tachometer at the ambient temperature
20 º C ± 10 º C
60 º C ± 5 º C
-40 º C ± 5 º C
10% -50%
± 2,5%
± 3%
± 3%
50% -90%
± 1%
± 2,5%
± 2,5%
90% -110%
± 2,5%
± 3,5%
± 3,5%
The bar rev counter unit ITM-1 Marine - uniform within the range from 10% to 110% of rated engine speed (100% corresponds to a scale measuring 2500ob/min rotor shaft sensor);
The working range of measurement - from 50% to 90%;
The lower limit of the measuring unit ITM-1 speedometer - 10%;
Interfacial tension sensor DTM-1 (a loaded one meter ITM) at 1500 rpm of the rotor shaft - from 10.5 to 12.5 V;
Settling time of a mobile measuring device - no more than 3 seconds;
Vibration frequency - from 3 Hz to 33Gts;
Weight measuring unit ITM-1 speedometer - no more than 0.8 kg;
The mass of the sensor - no more than 1.6 kg;
Marks, numbers, and arrow scale are covered by a mass of luminous temporary action;
Meter tachometer unit ITM-1 vodozaschischen on all sides;
Sensor DTM-1 vodozaschischen from all sides, except the drive;
The service life of the instrument tachometer ITM-1, taking into account the shelf life 1 year - 2 years;
Working hours - 2000 hours;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality marine tachometer ITM-1 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.