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A device for measuring the total loose steering vehicles ISL-401M

Also, this device can be called: ISL401M, ISL 401M, ISL-4О1M.

ISL-401M devices for measuring the total loose steering vehicle is designed to measure the total loose steering vehicles by direct measurement of the angle of the steering wheel relative to the steering angle in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51709-2001 "Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for the technical status and methods of verification. "

Scope: providing technical state control steering of vehicles in their operation, maintenance, repair and technical inspections.

Specifications ISL-401M:

The range of measurement of the angle of total loose steering - from 0° to 30°.

Limits of error of measurement of the angle of total loose steering - ± 0,5°.

Angle registering wheels start turning managed - 0,06° ± 0,01°.

Execution - RS-232

Dimensions ljuftomer:

- The main unit - no more than 415x135x140 mm;

- Sensor wheels start turning managed - no more than 455x150x310 mm.

Weight (on the package) - not more than 14 kg.

Life - at least 8 years.

The principle of operation is based on measuring ljuftomer main unit steering angle of vehicles from the position corresponding to the beginning of the steering wheel in one direction, to a position corresponding to the start of their turn in the opposite direction from the position about the straight-ahead vehicle.

This instrument ljuftomer ISL-401M includes the following functional blocks:

- The basic unit;

- The gauge wheels start turning managed.

The basic unit consists of a carrier system with self-locking jaws for the installation on the rim of the steering wheel of the vehicle. Sensor start turning steerable wheel is made on the basis of the angular displacement transducer rotating bar linear. Rotary encoder strip rests on the driven wheel rim in two points arranged symmetrically relative to the axis of rotation.

Operating and storage ISL-401M:

Ambient temperature

- Working - from -10° C to +40° C;

- Storage - from -30° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at 25° C:

- Operating - no more than 95%;

- Storage - no more than 98%.

DC supply voltage - 11 V to 14,5 V.

Power consumption - no more than 2 Watt.

Photos: ISL-401M

ISL-401M ljuftomer image.
ISL-401M ljuftomer image.
ISL-401M ljuftomer image.
ISL-401M ljuftomer image.