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    Test press IP-50M-auto (IP50Mavto, FE 50M auto, FE-50-M-cars, FE-50 M-cars; IP50 M-cars; IP50-M-cars, SP 50-M-cars, SP 50 M Auto)
    Test press IP-50M-auto - the product manual that is used to test the compressive and flexural strength of building materials - concrete, asphalt, cement, refractories, etc.
    The highest rated load 50kN.
    The maximum height of the workspace - 350mm.    
    The width of the workspace - 180mm.
    The size of the support plates - 160 × 160 mm.

    - Testing machine - 1000 × 605 × 1620mm;
    - Packaging - 1100 × 750 × 1400mm.
    - Products - 270kg;
    - Product packaging - 325kg.

Advantages presses IP-50M-auto

    The use of test presses type IP-50M-auto minimizes the required number of units of laboratory test equipment.

Also in the use of presses of this type has the following advantages:
    - One measuring range, to simplify operation of the product;
    - Press IP-50M-auto compared to other similar products have a higher resolution measurements of the load;
    - Indication of the measured value of the force, the loading rate and the maximum load is in absolute units on the digital display;
    - The operator can fix the values ​​of the load at any given time;
    - Stability and repeatability of the measurements provided by built-in digital filter and a linearizer;
    - Press IP-50M-auto has the ability to auto-load threshold set for tripping press.

Specifications IP-50M-auto

    Press IP-50M-auto allow the maximum stroke of the working cylinder of 80mm. The highest rate of movement of the piston of the working cylinder weight is 350mm/min.

Press IP-50M-auto measurement allows the following error:
    - When measuring the load - ± 1%;
    - While maintaining the speed of loading - ± 5%.

    The unit price of the least significant digit siloizmeritelej - 0,001 kN. Range of loading rates of 0.05 kN / s - 5kN / s.
    Press IP-50M-auto use mains voltage of 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. power consumption of the device IP-50M-auto is not more than 1.1 kW.