We guarantee the lowest price in the market for all of the proposed units from our warehouse.


     If you find you are interested in the device at a lower price, under similar conditions of delivery - then we will give you the device is even cheaper. Also receive a free gift:
breathalyzer FGTest-05PRO dosimeter DP-5V mechanical stopwatch electronic stopwatch ammeter or voltmeter
Breathalyzer FGTest-05PRO for free
DP-5V dosimeter as a gift
Mechanical stopwatch gift Electronic stopwatch gift ammeter and voltmeter in a gift

     Also you have the opportunity to receive an additional discount to 10% depending on the position, if you leave a review of cooperation with the company "Zapadpribor" and send photos of purchased our equipment in the workplace. You also get a free gift.
     This offer is valid on a permanent basis for all devices from our stock and cost more than 5 000 RUB (1 250 UAH).

     For more information, please specify in the sales department.

     List of certified personal free gifts (one of your choice):

    1. Personalized gift breathalyzer FGTest-05PRO;
    2. Equivalent to $ 100 Discount. U.S. to purchase other models Breathalyzer series FGTest-PRO;
    3. Meter beta and gamma radiation dosimeter DP-5V. The most reliable device in its class;
    4. Mechanical stopwatch SOSpr;
    5. A portable laboratory electronic stopwatch;
    6. Shield ammeter or voltmeter AC or DC power, and the size of any value.