1. Delivery to Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries
     You can purchase a product through our partners in Moscow, St. Peterbureg, Rostov, Krasnodar, Minsk, Vitebsk and other towns.
     Payment on delivery.
     Delivery time of 1 day. Average delivery time 1 week.
     Minimum order of 10$.
     At the order of 100 rubles, provide free shipment of goods from the comfort of your freight.
     There are other options for delivery.

     To arrange your order in the international business center applications, "Zapadpribor", click here or go to:


     Deliver the goods in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, CIS and other countries.

     2. Free Delivery in Ukraine.
     We make trucking companies: Nova poshta, SAT, Evroekspress, Gunsel etc.
     Delivery time of 1 day.

Minimum order of 50UAH.
     Free to the terminal of the transport company.

     To see the full list of settlements in the territory of Ukraine, where you can get the goods purchased from the company "Zapadpribor" click here, or go to:


     3. Delivery to any country in the world by courier services, transport of DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS or any other means convenient for you!
     There is also a possibility of delivery by our courier to your office! Ask for more!
     Shipping cost depends on the weight of the goods and the destination country.
     Delivery time of 3 days!
     Minimum order of 10$.