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Measurer pulsed power IM-30
Also, this device can be called: IM30, IM 30.
IM-30 is measurer pulsed power for measuring power of the high frequency pulse products 020 (023) 010 (010D), 135, 62, 63, 64.
Work meter IM-30 is to measure the peak voltage at a certain active resistance.
In the "detector" gauges provide surveillance on the oscilloscope in the envelope of high-frequency pulses.
In the "0.5" is provided measurement of DC voltage in the range from 0 to 0.5 V.
Measurer pulsed power IM-30 are also used as a dummy.

Measuring range - from 0.2 kW to 25 kW in subbands:
- From 0.2 kW to 1 kW;
- From 1 kW to 5 kW;
- From 5 kW to 25 kW.

Basic relative error of measurement of measurer pulsed power IM-30 in the range from 0.2 kW to 25 kW at τu from 0.3 ms to 1mks Fsl from 130 Hz to 250 Hz:
- Under normal conditions - no more than ± 25%;
- In conditions different from normal, and when changing lamps kit - no more than ± 35%.

Reduced error on the constant voltage (0.5 V range) in normal conditions - no more than ± 2%.
When using IM-30 as the equivalent antenna off the average power of the product supplied to the device - no more than 20 W; switched using blowing - 50 watts.
VSWR IM-30 (with cable weight accorded to "16K") - no more than 1.3 to 1.4 W and in UE frequency bands.
Input Impedance - 75 ohms.

Available time after the device:
- In normal climatic conditions - 5 min;
- In conditions of high humidity and cold - 15 min.

Technical resources - not less than 5000 hours.
Mains voltage - 115 V to 220 V.
Supply frequency - 380 Hz to 525 Hz.
Power consumption - 100 V • A.

Mass measurer IM-30 - 4.6 kg.
Dimensions - 253x150x197 mm.
Operating position gauges - horizontal.
All controls are displayed on the front panel, in the middle part of which is situated pointer instrument (ammeter M1690A), in the upper left - restrictive desk, lamp warning light "Power Control" and voltage selector "115-220 V", on the left of a galvanometer are fuses and switch "Network-off." in the upper right - restrictive rack switch subband power measurement "kW".
To protect against mechanical damage control measurer pulsed powers IM-30 have a removable lid on the inner side of which is fixed schedule for converting divisions microammeter in pulsed power and power graph amendments depending on the duration and pulse repetition rate.
Operating conditions:

The ambient air temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C.
Relative humidity at +35 ° C - up to 98%.
Low atmospheric pressure - 460 mm Hg. Art.
Time of continuous operation - 16 hours.
Measurer pulsed power IM-30 is a device type field and is suitable for use in temporary shelters, tents, trailers and car body.

Photos: IM-30

IM-30 device view.
IM-30 device view.
IM-30 general view of the device.
IM-30 general view of the device.