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IH 5129 Their reel 5129.

IH 5129

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Reel IH 5129 (IH5129, IH-5129)
Reel is designed to produce IH 5129 of experimental coils needed to determine the number of threads.
Technical characteristics of the devices reel IH 5129:
The perimeter of the wheel - 1000 mm ± 2 mm;
The rate of passage of the thread through all niteprovodniki - 100m/min ± 15%, ± 15% 200m/min;
Limit the problem of wheel revolutions device reel IH 5129 - from 1 to 999;
Being installed spools - 5 pieces;
The range of tensile force one strand unit reel IH 5129 - from 5g to 20g;
The limit of permissible relative error of one filament tensile force 10% over the effort - from 5g to 20g;
The limit of permissible relative error belt force one thread within 5% effort - from 20g to 60g;
Dimensions of the unit reel IH 5129 - no more 650h750h420mm;
Weight - no more than 50 kg;
Machine reel IH 5129 consists of the following parts:
- The body;
- The drive;
- Reel;
- Tensioner;
- The thread tension device problems;
- Reading device;
- The device layout thread;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the reel unit IH 5129 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.