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ИЭ-1М Motor generator IE-1M integrated.


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    Engine-generator integrates the IE-1M (IE1M, 1 M IE, IE-1-M, IE 1M, IE1-M, M IE1, IE-1M IE1M, IE 1 M, IU-1-M, IU 1M IE1 -M, M IE1, IЄ-1M IЄ1M, IЄ 1 M IЄ-1-M, IЄ 1M IЄ1-M IЄ1 M)
    Engine-generator integrates the IE-1M is designed to work as an integrator of electro-critical computing systems and tracking of aircraft.
    Designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
    Technical characteristics of the devices engines, generators IE-1M:
    Nonlinearity characteristics - 0.15%;
    Speed ​​range appliance motor-generator integrates the IE-1M - 0ob/min-10000ob/min;
    Load time - no more than 0.1 gauss ∙ cm;
    The steepness of the output signal at 1000ob/min - 6.0 V;
    Power values ​​appliance motor-generator integrates the IE-1M:
    - Of the motor - no more than 250mA;
    - Engine control - no more than 200mA;
    - Diameter - 30.0 mm;
    - Length - 90.0 mm;
    Unit weight motor-generator integrates the IE-1M - 0.20 kg;
    - In the chain excitation - 36V;
    - A control circuit - 15 V;
    Frequency of the device engine-generator integrates the IE-1M - 400Hz.