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Dial indicator ICh-02

Also this device may be referred to: ICh02, ICh 02, I4-02, I402, I4 02, IChO2, ICh O2.


ICh-02 a dial indicator is designed to measure the linear dimensions of the absolute and relative methods, determining the extent of deviation from the desired geometric shape and arrangement of surfaces.

Principle of operation indicators ICh-2 - mechanical.


Scope: engineering, instrumentation and other industries.


Specifications ICh-02:


Graduation - 0,01 mm.

The measuring range - from 0 to 2 mm.

The largest measuring force in direct course - 1,5 N.

Fluctuation measuring force at the forward or reverse course - not more than 0,4 N.

Average life - at least 6 years.

Dimensions ICh-2 - 42×22×76 mm.

Weight - no more than 0,085 kg.


Parameter value ICh-02 ICh-02
Basic accuracy within 0.1 mm on any part of the scale 4 mcm 6 mcm
Basic accuracy within 1 mm on any part of the scale 8 mcm 10 mcm
The basic error of the entire range of measurements 10 mcm 12 mcm
Scope of the indicator 3 mcm 3 mcm
Variation of the indicator 2 mcm 3 mcm


Indicators ICh-02 formed as a cylindrical body with an integrated clockwork dial inside the rim, and two sleeves arranged in a diametrical plane of the housing serving for guiding the measuring rod, which transmits the rotation value.


The position of the arrow on the scale of the countdown of the measured parameter. Combining arrows with any scale interval (set to zero) is produced by the rim. Lower sleeve (sleeve) is a connecting element for fitting ICh-02 stand, tripod, and other devices.


Operating conditions ICh-02:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.

Photos: ICh-02

ICh-02 device image.
ICh-02 device image.
ICh-02 delivery set.
ICh-02 delivery set.
ICh-02 side view.
ICh-02 side view.
ICh-02 rear view.
ICh-02 rear view.
ICh-02 overhead view.
ICh-02 overhead view.
ICh-02 bottom view.
ICh-02 bottom view.