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ГКЧ59 Frequency Sweep Generator GKCH59.


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Generator Sweep GKCH59 (sweep-59, sweep 59)
Generator Sweep GKCH59 intended for use as a source of microwave signal in the panoramic meter voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of type P2.

Technical characteristics of the devices Generators Sweep GKCH59:

Ambient temperature - from 278K to 313K (5 º C to 40 ° C);
Relative humidity - up to 95% at 303K (30 ° C);
Frequency band instrument generator Sweep GKCH59 - 5.6 GHz-8 3GHz;
Power supply - 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
Maximum permissible error of the frequency band and cutoff frequencies of oscillation does not exceed ± 0,02 f, where f - the maximum working frequency sub-band;
Short-term frequency instability of the instrument generator Sweep GKCH59 RPCH mode for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes of tuning the frequency in normal conditions does not exceed 1 ∙ 10-3f;
The width of the output signal in CW mode and RPCH based parasitic frequency deviation at the level of-10dB from the main signal level does not exceed 0,05 f, where f - the minimum band sweep;
Unit generator Sweep GKCH59 provides the following modes of frequency hopping:
- Manual frequency tuning;
- Manual frequency agility;
- Periodic sweep;
- Single sweep with a hand launch;
- Tuning of the frequency of the external power supply;
Duration of periods of automatic sweep of 0.08 s, 1s, 10s and 40s;
Non-linearity of frequency tuning to the maximum band swing does not exceed ± 5% of the maximum swing band;
Output power unit generator Sweep GKCH59 at work on a matched load - not less than 1 mW;
ARM System accuracy with respect to the frequency response of the external sensor is less than ± 0,3 dB;
Sensitivity of AWP for the input - no worse than 5mV;
The device generator Sweep GKCH59 provides:
a) in the continuous generation (NG);
b) using the internal amplitude modulation (AM) with a frequency of 100kHz meander ± 1 kHz and a modulation depth of not less than 15 dB;
The amplitude of the applied voltage for tuning the frequency of the maximum band swing to range from 0V to +10 V;
The radiation level of microwave power at a distance of 1m from the unit generator Sweep GKCH59 generated during its operation does not exceed 1 ∙ 109Vt/sm2;
Options auxiliary outputs to loads of 10K:
a) The amplitude of the voltage sweep - not less than 5 V;
b) amplitude videoimpulsnoy label - at least -0.7 V;
c) the amplitude of the voltage square wave 100kHz - not less than 0.5;
d) the amplitude control voltage - no less than-5V;
e) pulse amplitude blanking reverse sweep - not less than-5V;
High-frequency output generator unit Sweep GKCH59 - coaxial with impedance 50 ohms, and section 7 / 3, 04mm;
Electrical isolation network plug relative to the body can withstand without breakdown test voltage 1500V to 900V under normal conditions and under high humidity;
Insulation resistance of this circuit device generator Sweep GKCH59 relative to the body - at least 20 MW, with high humidity - at least 2 MW, at an elevated temperature - not less than 5 megohms;
The device provides its specifications within established norms of time after setting the mode of 15 minutes;
The device generator Sweep GKCH59 retains its specifications within established norms for their nutrition from AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz and harmonic content up to 5%;
The power consumed by the device on the network at a nominal supply voltage does not exceed 100 V ∙ A;
The device generator Sweep GKCH59 allows continuous operation in the working conditions for 8 hours while maintaining their performance within the established norms;
Continuous operation time does not include the time required to establish the operating mode;
Overall dimensions generator Sweep GKCH59 - 490x475x175mm;
Weight - 90kg.