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G5-84 Pulse generator G5-84.


1 piece
It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
The pulse generator G5-84 (G584, G 5 84, G-5-84)
The pulse generator G5-84 is designed to generate pulses of both polarities with a wide range of variation of all key parameters, as well as the development, adjustment, inspection and testing of broadband pulsed electronic equipment, high-speed electronic devices.
Technical characteristics of the instrument pulse generators G5-84:
The pulse repetition period - 1mks-999mks;
The pulse duration - 1 ns-999mks;
Rise time pulse generator device G5-84 - 70ps;
Duration of cutoff - 200 ps;
The amplitude of the pulses (adjustable) - 5V-9, 9B;
Ejection at the top of the unit pulse generator G5-84 - no more than 0,1 U;
Uneven top - no more than 0,03 U;
Time shift relative to the device clock pulse generator G5-84 - 1 ns-999mks;
The limits of the basic error settings - ± 10%;
Power requirements - 160V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 480h160h475mm;
Weight of the device pulse generator G5-84 - 18kg.