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G5-67 Pulse generator G5-67.


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The pulse generator G5-67 (G567, G5 67)
The pulse generator G5-67 broadband source of simple types of output sequences of pulses.
Used in the study and validation of high-speed electronic devices, communication systems with pulse-code modulation, integrated circuits, semiconductor devices.
Technical characteristics of the instrument pulse generators G5-67:
The repetition rate:
- Single pulse mode - 1kHz-50MHz;
- Mode of paired pulses - 1kHz-20MHz;
Accuracy repetition rate pulse generator device G5-67 - 0,1 F;
Pulse amplitude into 50 ohms - 50mV-5V;
Accuracy of the amplitude - 0,1 U +0,1 V;
The pulse duration - 10 ns-300mks;
Accuracy duration unit pulse generator G5-67 - 0.1 t 3 ns;
Rise time, cut - 5ns-300mks;
The nonlinearity of the front cut - no more than 10%;
Ejection at the top and in the pause after the pulse - no more than 10%;
The uneven peaks and the baseline in the interval between pulses, pulse generator device G5-67 - no more than 10%;
Time shift (delay) of the main pulse relative to the clock - 10 ns-300mks;
Time shift (advance) of the main pulse relative to the clock - 300ns-300mks;
Accuracy of time shift unit pulse generator G5-67 - 0,1 D +4 ns;
Time shift of the second pulse relative to the first pair - 20ns-300mks;
Power supply pulse generator G5-67 - 220V, 50Hz, 115V, 400 Hz;
Power consumption - 80 V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the unit pulse generator G5-67 - 480X120X475mm;
Weight - 15kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of instruments pulse generator G5-67 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.