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G4-154 High-frequency generator G4-154.


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High-frequency generator G4-154 (G4154, G4 154)
High-frequency generator G4-154 is designed to control, configuration, and testing of various electronic equipment.
They can work in automated measuring systems.
There is a remote and manual control options. Original manual control system allows for semiautomatic operation - sweep range with a certain speed, the automatic change of the output voltage modulation with a certain speed.
Digital method of forming the frequency range 10 Hz-100 kHz in the instrument high-frequency signal generator G4-154 eliminates the high-impedance circuit, which provides the technical characteristics of the device under conditions of high humidity.
It has high reliability, small size and weight.
Performed on semiconductor devices and circuits.
Technical characteristics of the devices High-frequency generator G4-154:
Frequency - 0.1 MHz to 50 MHz;
Error of frequency instrument high-frequency signal generator G4-154 - 0.01;
Frequency instability in 5 minutes of work - 1 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ;
The output level - 2.8 W;
The error output level high-frequency signal generator unit G4-154 - 10%;
The harmonic components - 25dB;
Parasitic AM - 1%;
Residual FM high frequency signal generator unit G4-154 - 5;
AM mode:
- Modulation index - 0% -99%;
- Error of - 10%;
- Modulating frequency range - 0.05 kHz to 10 kHz;
Dimensions of the device high-frequency signal generator G4-154 - 356h133h370mm;
Weight - 10.5 lbs.