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Noise generator G2-57 (G257, G2 57)

Noise generator G2-57 is designed to generate a pseudo noise signals and three types: binary, Gaussian and equally adjustable band spectrum and variable-length pseudorandom M-sequences.
The generator is widely used for testing the immunity of regulatory and control systems, the formation of random effects and M-pulse sequences, physics studies and work with computers, test acoustic devices and statistical analysis, the definition of two-HRP pulse, conduct statistical correlation and other types of measurements in acoustics, underwater acoustics, medicine and other fields.
The main advantages of the instrument noise generator G2-57:
- The use of digital processing of the noise signal;
- Generate pseudo-random and random noise;
- Broad band level adjustment range and a noise signal generated pseudorandom M-length sequences;
- Remote start, set and reset;
- The original design and easy to handle;
- There is a provision "random noise" and the delayed binary output;
For all kinds of signals an adjustable output. Widely used integrated circuits.
Technical characteristics of the instrument noise generator G2-57:
The period of the clock frequency is set by 1mks, 3.3 ms, 10mks to 333s (18 states);
The length of pseudo-random sequences - 2 4 -2 21 clock cycles (19 states);
Fixed voltage amplitude noise generator device T2-57 binary output signal - ± (10V ± 0,3 V);
The effective value of the fixed output voltage binary signal - 3.16 V ± 0,1 V;
The amplitude of the fixed output voltage of equiprobable signal device noise generator G2-57 - ± 3V;
Error of frequency - ± 10%;
Frequency bands and a Gaussian signal 0-1/20 clock;
Latency binary signal output device noise generator G2-57 - 0-9999 clock periods;
The limits of the output voltage of 0.1 V-1B (in increments of 0.1 V):
- Binary signal - ± 10V, ± 3,16 V, ± 3V, ± 1V (peak);
- Gaussian signal - 3.16 V, 3B, 1B (RMS);
- Equiprobabilistic signal - ± 3V, ± 1V (peak);
Consumed by the device noise generator G2-57 power - 100V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 480h120h475mm;
Weight - 12kg.

Photos: G2-57

G2-57 generator image.
G2-57 generator image.
G2-57 front view.
G2-57 front view.
G2-57 side view.
G2-57 side view.
G2-57 rear view.
G2-57 rear view.
G2-57 overhead view.
G2-57 overhead view.
G2-57 bottom view.
G2-57 bottom view.