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Millivoltammeter F5253 (F 5253, F-5253)
Millivoltammeter F5253 is designed to measure the RMS voltage and current in AC circuits with sinusoidal waveform.
Technical characteristics of the devices millivoltammeter F5253:
Maximum permissible error in the normal frequency range as a percentage of maximum value ranges:
- A measuring range of the highest values ​​from 10mV to 300V and current of 0.01 mA to 0.03 - less than ± 0,5;
- A measuring range of the greatest values ​​of 1mV, 3mV and a current of 0.1 A to 1A - no more than ± 1,0;
The greatest value of the instrument measuring range millivoltammeter F5253:
- Voltage - 1mV, 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V;
- Current - 0.01 mA, 0.03 mA, 0.1 mA, 0.3 mA, 1mA, 3mA, 10mA, 30mA, 0.1 A, 0.3 A, 1A;
The normal range of frequencies - from 50 Hz-100 kHz;
Operating frequency range instrument for measuring millivoltammeter F5253:
- Stress - from 10Hz to 50Hz and 100kHz to 1MHz from;
- Current - 10Hz to 50Hz and 100kHz to 1MHz from;
Meals millivoltammeter F5253 - AC 50Hz ± 1Hz 220V ± 22V;
The device is restored, repairable product;
The deadline for the service unit millivoltammeter F5253 - at least 8 years;
The deadline to be considered a condition in which the total cost of repairs will exceed 60% of the value of the instrument;
Dimensions - 160h280h365mm;
Weight of the device with the prefix millivoltammeter F5253 F5051 - no more than 9.2 kg.