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Null indicator F5046/1

Also this device can be called: F-5046/1, F 5046/1, F-5046-1, F 5046 1.


F5046/1 null indicator is intended for use as an index in balance and compensation measuring bridge circuits alternating current and for other similar purposes.


Specifications F5046/1:


Normal range of frequencies - from 30 Hz to 61 Hz.

Sensitivity of the device to the input voltage:

- in the normal range of frequencies - at least 5 mm·wk./V;

- at 25 Hz - 0.1 mm·wk./mcV.


Selectivity null indicator F5046/1 for third harmonic - not less than 60 dB.

Null indicators are three stages of reduced susceptibility to 30 dB.

Accuracy of reduced susceptibility of each stage - not more than ±3 dB.

Deviation of the index from zero, and the background noise caused - not more than the value corresponding to the input voltage of 0.3 mV.


Active input impedance - not less than 600 Ohm.

The asymmetry of the input circuit voltage - not less than 80 dB.

Response time - no more than 4 seconds.


Power consumption - 10·A.

Dimensions - 120×190×195 mm.

Weight of null indicator F5046/1 - 3 kg.


Operating conditions F5046/1:


Ambient temperature - from +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.


Mains voltage - 220±22 V.

Supply frequency - from 49 Hz to 61 Hz.

Harmonic content - up to 5%.


The manufacturer guarantees compliance null indicators F5046/1 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: F5046/1

F5046/1 device image.
F5046/1 device image.
F5046/1 view panel of the device.
F5046/1 view panel of the device.
F5046/1 side view.
F5046/1 side view.
F5046/1 rear view.
F5046/1 rear view.
F5046/1 overhead view.
F5046/1 overhead view.
F5046/1 bottom view.
F5046/1 bottom view.