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Electronic hydrometer of wood EV-2K

Also this device can be called: EV2K, EV 2K.


EV-2K electronic hydrometer is designed to measure the moisture of lumber, blanks, parts and products of chemically untreated wood of pine, spruce, birch, oak, beech forest enterprises, pulp and paper and wood industry, construction and other businesses that use wood.


Hydrometers EV-2K is not designed to measure the humidity of air and timber blanks.


Specifications EV-2K:


Humidity measuring range of woods - from 7% to 30%.

Display range humidity - 30% to 60%.

Subranges of humidity measurement:

- from 7% to 22%;

- from 22% to 60%.


Scale of hydrometer EV-2K is calibrated in percentage moisture in wood pine.

Basic absolute error moisture in the area of introduction sensor electrodes depth of not more than 10 mm from the surface must be:

- in the range from 7% to 12% - less than ±2%;

- in the range from 12% to 30% - less than ±2,5%;

- in the range from 30% to 60% - not normalized.

The confidence of results of observations of wood moisture using moisture EV-2K - not less than 0.9.

When the measured temperature deviates wood from +20° C operating temperature within the amendment.


Measurement time since the introduction of the sensor electrodes in wood - not more than 10 seconds.

Supply voltage - from 187 V to 242 V.

Supply frequency - 50 Hz±2%.

Power consumption hydrometer - not more than 7 V·A.


Dimensions of hydrometers- not more than 265×147×97 mm.

Weight - not more than 2,0 kg.


Hydrometer EV-2K using the indirect method of measurement based on the dependence of the electrical resistance of the wood from moisture. The device is a portable dual-band resistance meter with a special sensor introduced in wood. On the first range measurement made on a hydrometer tube ohmmeter, the second - the scheme consistent magneto ohmmeter.

Switching limits of measurement carried out switch "B".


Operating conditions EV-2K:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 90%.

For use indoors and outdoors in non-aggressive environment.


Measurements using hydrometers EV-2K should be made on healthy areas of the wood, in several sites assortment of length, width and thickness of the material, and do not make measurements at sites of local wood surface moistening.

Photos: EV-2K

EV-2K device image.
EV-2K device image.
EV-2K device image with closed lid.
EV-2K device image with closed lid.
EV-2K front view.
EV-2K front view.
EV-2K side view.
EV-2K side view.
EV-2K rear view.
EV-2K rear view.
EV-2K side view.
EV-2K side view.
EV-2K overhead view.
EV-2K overhead view.
EV-2K bottom view.
EV-2K bottom view.