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ETS 515 Stand for measuring resistivity ETS 515.

ETS 515

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Stand for measuring resistivity ETS 515 (ETS515, ETS-515)
Stand for measuring resistivity ETS 515 is designed to measure small ohmic resistances and determining resistivity.
The stand consists of a test facility and Milliohmmeter, he's microprocessor.
Areas of use:
- Control of steel cables, transformer windings and electrical machinery, contacts, brazed and welded joints;
- Determination of the length of the cable wound into a coil;
- Determination of the specific resistance of the wire and other materials under static and dynamic conditions.
Technical characteristics of the instrument stands resistivity ETS 515:
Measurement range - 0.1 mO-30 W;
The measurement instrument stand resistivity ETS 515 - 0.1 mO;
Measurement error - no more than 0.1%;
The number of bits indicating resistance - 5;
Cycle time measurement instrument stand resistivity ETS 515 - less than 5 seconds;
The temperature range of - 280 º C;
Temperature accuracy - 0 º C-125 º C;
Electricity supply to the bench for measuring resistivity ETS 515 - 220V;
Frequency - 50Hz/60Hz;
The operation principle stand resistivity ETS 515 is based on the passage of the sample through a stable direct current and measuring the voltage drop across the sample;
To eliminate the thermoelectric power The measurements were taken by the two directions of the current 4-wire;
Resistance is calculated from the ratio of the voltage drops on the measurement and internal reference resistor. As reference resistor device stand resistivity ETS 515 measuring resistors are used MR3050 accurate adjustment to the nominal value of ± 0,005%;
With integrated semiconductor temperature sensor resistance is measured at 20 ° C;
If necessary, the measured value of the electrical resistance can be converted to the length of 1 km;
Milliohmmeter instrument stand resistivity ETS 515 has a non-volatile memory and real time clock, help archive up to 2000 measurements;
Software microprocessor unit calculates and displays the average values ​​of the resistance and resistivity of a series of tests (up to 50), median, and the discrepancy between the results in a series of in%, standard deviation and coefficient of variation;
Determine the minimum and maximum value of the resistance in series and the variation of readings. Grading performed in groups (less the norm, more) and the calculation of the deviation from the standard value in percent;
Milliohmmeter has access to a computer via RS232 and a laser printer that supports the interface language PCL5E Centronics;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument stand resistivity ETS 515 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.