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4.681.471 (EE4.681.471)

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Measuring thermoelectric converter EE4.681.471

EE4.681.471 measuring thermoelectric converter is a piece of coaxial microwave line 07/3 with the standard type Sh connector according to GOST 13317-73.


The design of the transducer EE4.681.471:

On the face of the center conductor mounted capacitor C1 tikondovoy of ceramics, providing little resistance to currents and prevents the penetration of microwave dc microwave circuit. Inside the converter on the matching plate, isolated from the transmitter, set the thermocouple. With the capacitor plates in contact with the matching plate, eat voltage produced thermo-emf. In the transmitter housing installed nest in which stronger diodes D1-D4. To protect against external electromagnetic fields converter locked screen, which performs the role metallized inner surface of the plastic casing.

Overall dimensions - 55×34×34 mm.

Weight - 0,15 g.

Electrical scheme EE4.681.471:

Microwave signal from the transducer input through a capacitor C1, mounted on the end of a segment of the inner conductor of the coaxial line goes directly to the two serially connected between a filamentous film thermocouple TP1, TP2, where he subsequently dissipated. Thermo-emf voltage which is formed by heating the thermocouple is applied to terminals 1, 2 subwoofer connector LLI2.

Since the thermocouples are included as in a circuit of high frequency alternating current and direct current in a circuit, then to eliminate the mutual influence of these transmitter circuits in a capacitor C2, and NW.

Semiconductor diodes D1-D4 protect the thermocouple from the direct effects of spurious signals arising from various transients in devices and diodes D1 and D2 protect against spurious signals of positive polarity and diodes D3 and D4 - negative. Connecting diodes to thermocouple occurs only after connecting the cable to the transmitter (Appendix 2). The cable is used for connection between the measuring unit.

The kit includes a transmitter EE4.681.471:

- Connecting cable 4.853/617;

- Transition coaxial 5.433.020 - 16×7,7×3 mm;

- Transition coaxial 5.433.021 - 10×4,34; 7×3 mm;

- Transition waveguide-coaxial 5.433.022 - 23×10,7×3 mm;

- Transition waveguide-coaxial 5.433.023 - 16×8,7×3 mm;

- Bolt installation 8.920.459-02;

- Bolt 8.920.463-02;

- 8.930.366-01 nut.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance converters 4.681.471 all technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: 4.681.471 (EE4.681.471)

EE4.681.471 converters image.
EE4.681.471 converters image.
EE4.681.471 front view.
EE4.681.471 front view.
EE4.681.471 side view.
EE4.681.471 side view.
EE4.681.471 rear view.
EE4.681.471 rear view.
EE4.681.471 scheme converters.
EE4.681.471 scheme converters.