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Universal RLC measuring E7-12 (E712, E7 12, e7-12, e712, e7 12)

    Designed for measurement at a frequency of 1 MHz of complex resistance and (or) conductivity immittances.
capacitance (C) ± (0,001 nF ~ 100 nF);
inductance (L) ± (10pGn-1 mH);
conductance (G) 0,01 mS D-1;
Resistance (R) 0,1 milliohms-10K;
loss tangent (tgδ) 1 * 10 -4 - 1
Universal RLC measuring E7-12 is designed for digital measurement at 1 MHz of integrated resistances, and (or) different conductivities immittances radiocomponents: resistors, capacitors, inductors, semiconductors.
Universal RLC measuring E7-12 can be used to measure the passage capacitance, resistance and inductance of the switch and capacitance between high-frequency transformer windings, control the degree of screening of the different nodes. It is used when removing the dependence of the measured parameters of the objects on the displacement (capacitance-voltage characteristics of varactors).
Measuring device feature E7-12 is the ability to use it for non-linear measurement of objects, the device provides the low-level signal and the possibility of mixing to the DC voltage or current.
Four-pair including the measuring object in a measuring circuit provides high metrological instrument parameters E7-12.
By automating the process of measurement and remote control unit E7-12 can be used in the monitoring and control systems technology and manufacturing processes.
Main technical characteristics Meters E7-12
Range of measurement
capacitance (C)
± (0,001 pF - 100 nF)
inductance (L)
± (10 PGN - 1 mH)
conductance (G)
0.01 mS - 1 D
Output accuracy of measurement
container conduction resistance
0.3% +4 damage. cq
0.4% +4 damage. cq
Frequency measurement
1 MHz
Measurement time
With 0.15-0.5
The voltage and current bias on the measured object
0-40 B 0-40 mA (from the internal power) to 200 V (from an external source)
Power consumption
160 VA
20 kg
480h120h555 mm

Photos Е7-12

E7-12 device image.
E7-12 device image.
E7-12 front view.
E7-12 front view.
E7-12 side view.
E7-12 side view.
E7-12 rear view.
E7-12 rear view.
E7-12 overhead view.
E7-12 overhead view.
E7-12 bottom view.
E7-12 bottom view.