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Dynamometer DT-02

Also this device can be called: DT02, DT 02, DTO-2, DTO2, DTO 2.


DT-02 dynamometer is designed to measure the force in kgf.


Specifications DT-02:


Ultimate load - 200 kgf.

Graduation DT-02 - 2 kg.

Dial shape - round.

Housing material - metal.

Display type - an arrow.

Overall dimensions - 55×195×195 mm.

Weight - 2,850 kg.


Dynamometers DT-02 tons of state power management and reading device. In the power link measured force causes deformation, which either directly or through the transfer of reported reading device.


Dynamometers DT-02 certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments. The devices comply with requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, storage and transportation.

Photos: DT-02

DT-02 device image.
DT-02 device image.
DT-02 front view.
DT-02 front view.
DT-02 side view.
DT-02 side view.
DT-02 rear view.
DT-02 rear view.