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    Electric motor DPR12 (DPR 12; DPR-12)

    Electric motor DPR12 - low inertia device for use as power for driving the motors and various mechanisms.
    Supply voltage - 27V.
    Rotational speed - 5000 rpm.

    Structural features DPR12

    Electric DPR12 have inner and outer stators, the air gap between which the cylindrical portion of the hollow armature, constructed as a cup, mounted on its bottom shaft.

Engines DPR12 done with permanent magnet excitation, with a hollow frameless anchor. The devices are grouped into various series, differing from each other basic parameters, operating modes and operating conditions. Each engine has a series of four designs:
    - H1, H4, H5 - normal one output shaft end;
    - H2, H7, H8, H9 - normal with two output ends of the shaft (the size of the shaft ends are the same);
    - F1, F4, F5 - flange with an output end of the shaft;
    - F2, F7, F8, F9 - flange with two output ends of the shaft.

    Fixing engine performance DPR12 H produced by the body to help cover its metal parts, and the execution of F - for the flange.

    The drawing engine DPR12 served in Figure 1.

DPR12 electric motor drawing.

Figure 1. Drawing motor DPR12

    Specifications DPR12

Mode of operation of electric motors DPR12 - long. Engines DPR12 performance H4, H7, F4 and F7 can also work with intermittent reverse mode when powered sine wave, amplitude up to 6V.

    Engine performance DPR12 H5, H9, F5, F9 is designed to work well when powered by a pulse-width modulator, which provides the average value of the voltage at the output ends of the motor 20V, pulse repetition rate of at least 500 Hz and duty cycle of at least 0.2.
    Electric motors series DPR12 have good performance, due to a low moment of inertia of the armature. Warranty life of each engine DPR12 is 2500 hours.

Photos: DPR12

DPR12 device image.
DPR12 device image.
DPR12 front view.
DPR12 front view.
DPR12 side view.
DPR12 side view.
DPR12 rear view.
DPR12 rear view.