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DP50-40-6-R10RD41 Motor vp50-40-6-P10-D41 low-inertia DC.


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The motor DP50-40-6-R10-D41 low-inertia DC (DP50406R10D41, DP 50 40 6 R10 D41, DP-50-40-6-R10-D41, DP-50-406-R10-D41, DP-50406-R10-D41, DP50-406-R10-D41, DP 50 406 R10 D41, DP50406-R10-D41, DP 50406-R10-D41)
The motor DP50-40-6-R10-D41 quick-response DC is a reversible electrical machine with direct current excitation from permanent magnate with his smooth anchor.Designed for use in servo systems as a drive.
Provides the second output end of the shaft to install the tachometer. Working hours electric vp50-40-6-P10-D41 during the whole resource is provided by applying a special coating of the rotor.
Specifications electric appliances DP50-40-6-R10-D41 low-inertia DC:
High speed (electromechanical time constant of less than 0.01);
The admissibility of a pulsed power supply alternating voltage;
A small pick-up voltage;
The variety of modes of DP50-40-6-R10-D41 (different modes of reversing long standing under current, over-time, high voltage power supply, etc.);
Ambient temperature of -60 º C to +70 º C;
Atmospheric pressure -;
Vibration frequency:
- 1Hz-1000Hz at acceleration 10g;
- 1000Hz 2000Hz-in acceleration 15g;
- 2000Hz-3000Gts during acceleration 20g;
Impact of single strokes to multiple acceleration 150g 50g;
Effect of linear acceleration up to 50g;
Impact Noise 50Hz-1000Hz at an SPL of 130dB;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 35 º C;
Power supply DP50-40-6-R10-D41 - 27V ± 2,5 V;
Rotational speed - 6000ob/min.;
Electromechanical time constant - 10 ms;
Rated torque - 0.0638 N ∙ m;
Rated Power - 40W;
Pick-up voltage - 2.7 V;
Starting torque - 0.32 N ∙ m;
Current consumption at rated speed - 2.5 A;
Initial start-up current - 25A;
Rated load moment of inertia - 15 ∙ 10 -6 kg ∙ m 2;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 150mm;
- Diameter - 60mm;
Unit weight - 1.2 kg;
Minimum time device DP50-40-6-R10-D41 - 3000ch.The service life of 12 years.