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ДМ-1 Engine compact DM-1.


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Engine compact DM-1 (DM1, DM 1)
Engine compact DM-1 is designed for use as an executive in the motor and remote attitude indicator is an asynchronous reverse the car.
Technical characteristics of the devices engines, generators DM-1:
Starting torque - no less than 50.0 g ∙ cm
No-load speed - at least 5500ob/min;
Power values ​​appliance motor compact DM-1:
- Of the motor - no more than 240mA;
- Engine control - no more than 290mA;
Dimensions compact engine unit DM-1:
- Diameter - 30.0 mm;
- Length - 57.2 mm;
Weight of the device small-sized motor DM-1 - 0.150 kg;
- In the chain excitation - 36V;
- A control circuit - 30V;
Frequency of the device small-sized motor DM-1 - 400Hz.