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DKV-2,5-2/2 (DKB-2,5-2/2)

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    DKV-2,5-2/2 electric motor
    Also, this device may be called: DKV2,5-2/2, DKV 2,5-2/2, DKV-2, 5-2/2, DKV-2,5-2-2, DKV 2,5 2/2, dkb2,5-2/2, dkb 2,5-2/2, dkb-2, 5-2/2, dkb-2,5-2-2, dkb 2,5 2/2.
    DKV-2,5-2/2 electric motor single-phase asynchronous capacitor to drive the projectors, electric hair dryers, electric spinning wheels, fans, and other appliances and machines.
    Technical specifications of the devices motors DKV-2,5-2/2
    Rated mains voltage 127V, 220V.
    Rated supply frequency 50Hz.
    The nominal power of 2.5 watts.
    Number of poles 2.
    Nominal input current of 0.15 A, 0.085 A.
    Rated speed DKV-2 ,5-2 / February 2300 min-1.
    15% efficiency.
    Multiplicity maximum rated torque to 1.6.
    Multiplicity minimum torque to nominal 0.5.
    Multiplicity of starting torque to rated 0.55.
    The capacitor of 0.5 mF.
    The leakage current of 3.5 mA.
    The average sound level at a distance of 1 m from the external motor housing 32dBA.
    Nominal operation of the engine lasting.
    MTBF of 4000 hours.
    Engine weight of 0.4 kg.         
    Operating conditions DKV-2,5-2/2
    By mechanical stress engines meet a group of conditions M24 GOST 17516.1-90. Cooling method 1SO1 according to GOST 20459-87.
    As part of the security requirements engines meet the requirements of GOST, GOST 16264.1-85.
   The motors comply with the requirements of GOST 16264.0-85, 16264.1-85 GOST, TU 16-513.231-74, for export to countries with temperate climates additionally comply with the requirements of RD 16.01.007-88.

Photos: DKV-2,5-2/2 (DKB-2,5-2/2)

DKV-2,5-2/2 overall dimensions.
DKV-2,5-2/2 overall dimensions.
DKV-2,5-2/2 installation and connection dimensions.
DKV-2,5-2/2 installation and connection dimensions.
DKV-2,5-2/2 electrical circuit of the motor.
DKV-2,5-2/2 electrical circuit of the motor.