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DKMR-1-20 Motor DKMR-1-20 with gear driven asynchronous.


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The motor DKMR-1-20 with gear driven asynchronous (DKMR120, DKMR-1-20, DKMR 1 20, DKMR-120, DKMR 120, DKMR-1 20, DKMR 1-20)
The motor DKMR-1-20 with gear driven asynchronous represents a two-phase electric, asynchronous alternating current machine with squirrel cage rotor and gear with a ratio of 1 / 125.
Engine DKMR-1-20 is a low-inertia. The stator has two windings: excitation and control, which are shifted relative to each other by 90 electrical degrees and fed by currents that are shifted in phase with the capacitance connected in series with field winding. Control winding is divided into two parts, which can be connected in series or in parallel.
Product Specifications motors DKMR-1-20 with gear driven asynchronous:
Ambient temperature - -15 ° C to +70 ° C;
Relative humidity - 98% at 40 ° C;
Supply voltage winding - 36V ± 1,8 V;
Supply voltage windings of control:
- When connected in parallel - 0V-48V;
- A series connection - 0V-24V;
Supply voltage frequency DKMR-1-20 - 400Hz;
Torque - 0.378 Nm;
Rated speed - 17.6 r / min.;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 112mm;
- Diameter - 43.5 mm;
Weight - 0.37 kg;
Minimum timeDKMR-1-20 - 6000ch.