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ДИД-1ТЧР Engine-BIT 1TCHR biphasic induction.


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DiD-1TCHR engine two-phase induction  (DiD1TChR, BIT 1 TCHR, BIT-1-TCHR, BIT 1TCHR, DiD1-TCHR, DiD1 TCHR)
BIT-engine two-phase induction 1TCHR designed to drive the switch and actuator potentiometer PC3 FG1.
Designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Technical characteristics of the devices engines BIT-1TCHR biphasic induction:
Maximum output at crankshaft - 1W;
Starting torque - no less than 14g ∙ cm;
Starting current motor unit BIT-1TCHR biphasic induction:
- Excitation - no more than 350mA;
- Control - no more than 230mA;
Idle speed motor unit BIT-1TCHR biphasic induction - at least 20000ob/min;
- Diameter - 34.0 mm;
- Length - 57.0 mm;
Unit weight BIT-engine two-phase induction 1TCHR - 0,110 kg;
- In the chain excitation - 36V;
- A control circuit - 30V;
Frequency of the device engine BIT-1TCHR biphasic induction - 1000Hz.