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   The comparator Ch7-39 (Ch7 39, Ch 7-39, Ch 7 39, Ch-7-39)

    The comparator Ch7-39 - an instrument designed to measure the actual value and the offset frequency, the power spectral density of the phase noise of sinusoidal signals in the range of 1 MHz - 50 MHz.
    The frequency of the input signals:
    - 1 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz (internal oscillator);
    - 1MHz - 50MHz (with external oscillator).

    Power - 220V (115V), 50Hz, 400Hz, 27V.
    Power consumption - 80W.
    Dimensions - 132 × 480 × 555mm.
    Weight - 19kg.
    Comparators Ch7-39 is used in the service of the common time and frequency for periodic verification, testing, adjustment and investigation of crystal oscillators and quantum frequency standards.
    The principle of operation Ch7-39

    Ch7-39 comparator operates on the principle of transferring information about the phase of the test and reference signal to a low intermediate frequency by using the frequency conversion mixer and LO and measuring the total phase difference between the digital device. Built-in appliance Ch7-39 digital meter capable of transmitting information to the CPC.
    Specifications Ch7-39

    Level comparator input Ch7-39 is in the range 0.5 V - 1.5 V (when the resistance 100 ohms.) Frequency instability:
    - 7 × 10 -13 for 1 second;
    - 5 × 10 -14 for 10 seconds;
    - 8 × 10 -15 to 100 seconds.

    Comparators Ch7-39 have a level equivalent phase noise - 130dB/Gts (20Hz - 20kHz).

Photos: Ch7-39

Ch7-39 comparator image.
Ch7-39 comparator image.
Ch7-39 front view.
Ch7-39 front view.
Ch7-39 side view.
Ch7-39 side view.
Ch7-39 rear view.
Ch7-39 rear view.
Ch7-39 overhead view.
Ch7-39 overhead view.
Ch7-39 bottom view.
Ch7-39 bottom view.