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Frequency CH3-33 electron-counting (CH333, CH3 33, CH-333, CH 333, CH-3-33)
Frequency CH3-33 electronic computer designed to measure the frequency difference between the frequencies, frequency ratio, speed, time, number of pulses for any period of time.
All signals are fed to the device through connectors type BNC.
The device has:
- Access to tsifropechat;
- 10MHz reference frequency output;
- Self-control function that allows to measure the frequency of internal oscillator;
- Thermostat with display of heater with a miniature incandescent lamps;
- A scheme to automatically run periodically with adjustable measuring period;
- Input for external trigger or reset;
- The manual start-up or reset;
- Mercury hobbs meter (not in all instances);
- Status of input shapers (not in all instances).
Technical characteristics of the devices CH3-33 frequency meters electron-counting:
Measurement frequency range - 10Hz-10MHz;
Input voltage frequency device CH3-33 electron-counting - 0.1-100B;
The range of measured time intervals - 10 -6 to-100c.

Photos CH3-33

Ch3-33 device image.
Ch3-33 device image.
Ch3-33 front view.
Ch3-33 front view.
Ch3-33 side view.
Ch3-33 side view.
Ch3-33 rear view.
Ch3-33 rear view.
Ch3-33 overhead view.
Ch3-33 overhead view.
Ch3-33 bottom view.
Ch3-33 bottom view.

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