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    Digital frequency and period meter Ch3-22
    This frequency may also be called: Ch322, Ch3 22, Ch З22.
    Ch3-22 digital frequency and period meter is used for automatic measurement of frequency, period, frequency ratio, counting the number of electric oscillations with frequencies and issuing information to the register.
    Frequency measuring range - 10 Hz to 12 MHz.
    The range of frequencies in the measurement period - from 0 to 100 kHz.
    Frequency range of the summation - 10 Hz to 12 MHz.

    One-line display with memory measurements.
    Output in BCD 8-4-2-1.
    Remote control.
    Specifications Ch3-22:
    Input signal voltage - 0.1 V to 100 V.
    Input impedance Ch3-22 - 50 ohms.
    Input capacitance - 50 pF.    
    Time accounts - 1 s; 10 s; 100 s; 1000 s; 10 000 s.
    Time display - from 1 ms to 5 s.

    Mains voltage - 220 V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Power consumption of frequency - 20 V·A.
    Dimensions frequency Ch3-22 - 480x120x420 mm.
    Ch3-22 weight - 13 kg.
    Operating conditions of frequency meters:
    Operating temperature - from +15° C to +35° C.
    Relative humidity - 80%.
    Frequency meters Ch3-22 are used to control, verification and radios and other devices.

Photos: Ch3-22

Ch3-22 device image.
Ch3-22 device image.
Ch3-22 front view.
Ch3-22 front view.
Ch3-22 side view.
Ch3-22 side view.
Ch3-22 rear view.
Ch3-22 rear view.
Ch3-22 overhead view.
Ch3-22 overhead view.
Ch3-22 bottom view.
Ch3-22 bottom view.