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Measurer Effekt-02 + 11 100 RUB. a GIFT (devices for maintenance, breathalyzer, radiation ...)

55 500 RUB   |  available: 6 pieces
Effect-02 measuring effectiveness of the braking systems device image.
Gauge the effectiveness of braking Effect-02 road test (Effekt02, Effect 02, Effekt-02 Effekt02, Effekt 02-Efekt 02, Efekt02, Efekt 02)
Designed to measure the effectiveness of braking systems by the road test.

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Measurer EFFECT-02 GTN + 11 500 RUB. a GIFT (devices for maintenance, breathalyzer, radiation ...)

57 500 RUB   |  available: 4 pieces
EFFECT-02 GTN tester braking systems.
  Tester braking EFFECT 0201 GTN
     It is used for testing of brake systems of cars and trucks, buses and trailers in a government inspection, performance autotechnical examination of vehicles in service, and other applications requiring traceability Brake warning cars.

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EFFECT-02 GTNEffekt-02