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Tacho DIG-0, 3.
    Tacho DIG-0.3 (DIG0, 3, DIG 0.3)
    Designed to work as a sensor-speed feedback in steering the car and can be used in similar devices that do not require high accuracy, is the induction tacho with a hollow non-magnetic rotor;
    The steepness of the output signal at 400ob/min - 350mV;
    Frequency - 400 Hz.

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Tacho DIG-3.
Tacho DIG-3 (DIG3, DIG 3)
Designed to transform the speed of the shaft into a proportional frequency output DC voltage;
The excitation voltage - 36V;
Excitation Current - 0.2 A;
Rated speed - 10000ob/min;
The steepness of the output characteristic - 2mV/ob/min;
Nonlinearity - 2%;
Residual EDS - 100mV.

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