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3 000 RUB   |   820 UAH
Transformer 6VTI-2TV rotating pulse.
Transformer 6VTI-2TV rotating pulse (6VTI2TV, 6-VTI-2-TV, 6 VTI 2 TV, 6VTI 2TV, 6 VTI-2TV, 6 VTI2TV, 6-VTI2TV, 6VTI2-TV, 6VTI2 TV)
Used as a sine-cosine, whose amplitude of voltage pulses of one of the stator windings varies as the sine of the angle and the amplitude of the rotation angle other stator - the cosine of the angle of rotation of the rotor.
The value of the peak value of impulse voltage - 40V ± 0,4 V;
Turns Ratio - 1.10;
The pulse repetition frequency - 200 to 2000;
Weight - no more than 0.7 kg.

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