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Balans-SK The portable device to balance pumping units Balance UK.


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A portable device for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK (BalansSK, Balans SK)
A portable device for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK is designed to address one of the important problems arising in the operation of pumping units with deep-rod pumps.
It allows you to spend just as dynamic balancing through the use of vattmetrgramm.
Proper procedures for conducting pumping unit balancing device of the portable device for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK, compared with balancing based on the use of conventional clamps, you can:
- Reduce overall energy consumption of pumping unit from 4% to 10%, according to information from various sources.
- Extend the life of the gearbox, motor and pumping unit base by almost two-fold reduction of dynamic loads.
The shape of the recorded vattmetrgrammy on the instrument screen portable device for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK prepared the user can not only hold a balance of pumping unit, but also to diagnose basic defects in the drive and the deep boom pump.For example:
- Monitor diagnostic strikes at the pump due to improperly configured the pump, the presence of jamming of different nature at the pump and column bars;
- Control of leakage in the receiving and discharge valves of the pump;
- Identify modes of pumping to the level of liquid in the well;
- Monitor the presence of paraffin in the well.
Technical characteristics of the devices, portable devices for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK:
Current range of electric motors - up to 100A;
The range of the phase voltages - up to 660;
Duration of one cycle of the machine - up to 80c;
Resolution graphic screen - 32h128 points;
Port for connection to a computer - IR;
The presence of the portable printer - no;
Operating temperature range - from -10 º C to +50 º C;
Overall the kit in the package - 260x175x90mm;
Weight, in the package - no more than 4.0 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device a portable device for balancing the pumping units Balans-SK technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.