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Vibration measurement >> high-frequency accelerometers (AVS)

AVS 034-02 (ABC 034-02)

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Made in: 2018.


    Accelerometer high-frequency AVS 034-02
    Also, this device can be called: AVS-034-02, AVS034-02, AVSO34-02, AVS 034 02, AVSO 34-02, AVSO-34-02, abc 034-02, abc-034-02, abc034-02.
    AVS 034-02 accelerometer high-frequency piezoelectric is used for analysis of high vibration and shock acceleration.
    The upper limit of the measured vibration accelerations - 10,000 m/s2.
    The upper limit of the measured shock acceleration - 30,000 m/s2.
    Operating frequency range - 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
    The sensing element - bending type.

    Accelerometers AVS 034-02 performed by differential mechanical and electrical circuits.
    High noise immunity.
    Base - tight seal is made ​​of titanium alloy.
    Cable - antivibration.
    Mount accelerometer AVS 034-02 - BONDED two screws with a ring or a special bracket into two seating surfaces.
    The main element of the piezoelectric accelerometer is a drive of a piezoelectric material, which is used as artificially polarized ferroelectric ceramics. Subjected to a force (tensile, compressive or shear) piezoelectric material generates on their surfaces, which are attached to the electrodes, an electric charge proportional to the force exerted.
    Akselerometr AVS 034-02 is designed to measure vibration accelerations on rocket and space technology, aircraft, machine under conditions of high electromagnetic interference.
The manufacturer guarantees compliance accelerometers AVS 034-02 all technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.