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Opacimeter АVG-1D-4.01 + 6 390 RUB. A GIFT (devices for inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

42 600 RUB

1 piece

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It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 being used to measure opacity of exhaust gases of diesel engines of automobiles, as well as engine speed and temperature of the oil in the crankcase.


Giving 15%
of the cost of devices

Giving 15% of the cost of devices
    Action "Devices for State checkup on factory price + GIFT 15% of the cost free"!  

    You get a 15% discount on the cost of devices. For example, buying a unit for 30 000 RUB, You are guaranteed to get a gift for equipment maintenance in the amount of 4 500 RUB.
    Duration of action and the number of devices is limited.
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    Also, this device can be called: AVG-1D 4.01 AVG1D-4.01 AVG-1D-4-01, AVG 1E-401.


    Automatic measurement and calculation parameters.
    Communication with the PC.

    Specifications opacimeters AVG-1D-4.01:

    The absorption coefficient K - 0-10 m -1.
    Relative error of K - ± 0,027%.
    Attenuation lumen N - 0-100%.
    Relative error of N - ± 1%.
    Efficient basis smokemeter (length raying) - 0.43 m
    The engine speed - 0-6000 rev / min.
    Relative error of speed - ± 2,5%.
    Check oil temperature in the engine - 0-100 ° C.
    The relative error of temperature measurement - ± 2,5%.
    Power supply - 12V/220V.
    Power consumption - 40 V • A.
    Dimensions - 355x220x220 mm.
    Dimensions of the remote control - 210h110h40 mm.
    Mass of the optical unit - no more than 6 kg.
    Mass of the remote control - no more than 0.5 kg.
    Photodetector Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 has a spectral response curve similar to daylight vision of the human eye. The optical chamber is protected from contamination.

    Terms of use:

    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 can inspect the vehicle to one person from the cab. Test results are automatically transferred to your computer, allowing you to speed up the process of diagnosis.
    Exhaust temperature - no more than 150 ° C.
    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 can be used as part of the diagnostic complex CAD and technical control lines LTK.

    Supplied opacimeters:

    1. Optical unit - 1 pc.
    2. Remote control with cable - 1 pc.
    3. Sampling line - 1 pc.
    4. The sampling probe:
    - For the normally located exhaust-1 piece.
    - For a vertical exhaust system, 1 pc.
    5. Filter control - 1 pc.
    6. Filter holder - 1 piece.
    7. Power cable 220 - 1 pc.
    8. Power cable 12 - 1 pc.
    9. Oil temperature sensor - 1 pc.
    10. RPM Sensor Crankshaft - 1 pc.
    11. Cable for connection to a PC - 1 pc.
    12. Manual - 1 pc.

Photos АВГ-1Д-4.01

AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter device image.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter device image.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter delivery set.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter delivery set.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter oil temperature sensor.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter oil temperature sensor.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter sampling probe.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter sampling probe.