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Opacimeter АVG-1D-4.01 + 7 078 RUB. A GIFT (devices for inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

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Giving 15% of the cost of devices
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    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 being used to measure opacity of exhaust gases of diesel engines of automobiles, as well as engine speed and temperature of the oil in the crankcase.


    Also, this device can be called: AVG-1D 4.01 AVG1D-4.01 AVG-1D-4-01, AVG 1E-401.
    Automatic measurement and calculation parameters.
    Communication with the PC.

    Specifications opacimeters AVG-1D-4.01:

    The absorption coefficient K - 0-10 m -1.
    Relative error of K - ± 0,027%.
    Attenuation lumen N - 0-100%.
    Relative error of N - ± 1%.
    Efficient basis smokemeter (length raying) - 0.43 m
    The engine speed - 0-6000 rev / min.
    Relative error of speed - ± 2,5%.
    Check oil temperature in the engine - 0-100 ° C.
    The relative error of temperature measurement - ± 2,5%.
    Power supply - 12V/220V.
    Power consumption - 40 V • A.
    Dimensions - 355x220x220 mm.
    Dimensions of the remote control - 210h110h40 mm.
    Mass of the optical unit - no more than 6 kg.
    Mass of the remote control - no more than 0.5 kg.
    Photodetector Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 has a spectral response curve similar to daylight vision of the human eye. The optical chamber is protected from contamination.

    Terms of use:

    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 can inspect the vehicle to one person from the cab. Test results are automatically transferred to your computer, allowing you to speed up the process of diagnosis.
    Exhaust temperature - no more than 150 ° C.
    Opacimeter AVG-1D-4.01 can be used as part of the diagnostic complex CAD and technical control lines LTK.

    Supplied opacimeters:

    1. Optical unit - 1 pc.
    2. Remote control with cable - 1 pc.
    3. Sampling line - 1 pc.
    4. The sampling probe:
    - For the normally located exhaust-1 piece.
    - For a vertical exhaust system, 1 pc.
    5. Filter control - 1 pc.
    6. Filter holder - 1 piece.
    7. Power cable 220 - 1 pc.
    8. Power cable 12 - 1 pc.
    9. Oil temperature sensor - 1 pc.
    10. RPM Sensor Crankshaft - 1 pc.
    11. Cable for connection to a PC - 1 pc.
    12. Manual - 1 pc.

Photos АВГ-1Д-4.01

AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter device image.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter device image.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter delivery set.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter delivery set.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter oil temperature sensor.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter oil temperature sensor.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter sampling probe.
AVG-1D-4.01 opacimeter sampling probe.