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    Oxygen sensor A-01ST (A01ST; A 01ST; A 01 ST; A-01-ST; A-O1ST; AO1ST; A O1ST; A O1 ST; A-O 1-ST; a-01st4; a01st; a 01st; a 01 st; a-01-st; a-O1st4; aO1st; a O1st; a O1 st; a-O1-st)

    Oxygen sensor A -01ST - electroplating apparatus for determining the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases.
    Electrical connector - 3 - pinMolex.
    Measuring range of O 2 - 0-25%.
    Response time - less than 5 seconds.
    The initial output voltage - 10mV - 12mV with dry ambient air.
    Drift - 10% per year.
    Cap diameter - 31.6 mm.
    Weight - about 25g.
    Sensors A-01ST is used to ensure efficient (cost-effective and environmentally) of the internal combustion engine. Established in automotive gas analyzer, this device is responsible for the constancy of the ratio of air and fuel in the fuel-air mixture.
    Specifications A-01ST

    Sensor A-01ST has the following accuracy:
    - No more than 2ob.% ± 0,1%;
    - Not more than 25ob.% ± 0,5%.
    Sensor A-01ST recommended load resistance should be at least 10K.

    Sensors A -01ST interference are not more than 0.1% O 2 response:
    - 15% N 2 to CO 2;
    - 10% CO 2 to N;
    - 500ppm H 2 S to N 2;
    - 3000ppm C 3 H 8 and N 2;
    - 500ppm NO to N 2;
    - 500ppm SO 2 to N 2;
    - 1000 ppm benzene by N 2.

    Sensor A-01ST is designed for use in the following sloviyah6
    - Ambient temperature - from 0C to 50ᵒC;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 70kPa - 175kPa.

    Sensors A-01ST should be stored under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from 5C to 25 ᵒC or -20 ᵒC to 50 °C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 60kPa to 175kPa.
    Sensor A-01ST is designed to operate for 10 years.

Photos: A-01ST

A-01ST sensor image.
A-01ST sensor image.
A-01ST side view №1.
A-01ST side view №1.
A-01ST side view №2.
A-01ST side view №2.
A-01ST side view №3.
A-01ST side view №3.
A-01ST overhead view.
A-01ST overhead view.
A-01ST bottom view.
A-01ST bottom view.