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2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09 Motor 2 PD-80-0 ,35-2 ,5-D09 DC.

2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09

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Motor 2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09 (2 DPM80-0,35-2,5-D09, 2 DPM 80-0,35-2,5-D09, 2 DPM-80-0,35 2,5-D09, 2 DPM80-0,35 2,5-D09, 2 DPM 80-0,35 2,5-D09, 2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5 D09, 2 DPM80-0,35-2,5 D09, 2 DPM800,35 2,5D09)
Motor 2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09 excitation from permanent magnets used to control the working bodies of industrial robots and a complete solid state motor drives.
The engine has two flights a shaft and connectors, built-in tacho.
Dimensions of two PD-80-0 ,35-2 ,5-D09:
- Length - 230mm;
- Diameter - 80mm.
Product Specifications motors 2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09:
Ambient temperature - from-5 º C to +40 º C;
Relative humidity - 98% at 25 º C;
High uniformity of rotation in the range of 1:10,000;
The high dynamics in transient conditions, due to the high multiplicity ratio of torque to the moment of inertia;
The high heat capacity, which provides resistance to high gravitational forces in a long time;
High torque at low speeds, which provides a direct connection with the actuator shaft;
2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09 withstand high overload;
Operates in conditions of continuous operation;
Construction of brush-collector unit provides reliable switching in high accelerations and accelerations;
Voltage - 27V ± 2,7 V;
Rated torque - 0.35 Nm;
Current consumption - 4.0 A;
Rated speed - 2200ob/min. 330 rev / min.;
Weight 2 DPM-80-0,35-2,5-D09 - 2.65 kg;
Minimum time - 3000ch.