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2 DPM-5.2-110-D09 PDM motor 2 ,2-5-110-D09 DC.

2 DPM-5.2-110-D09

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Motor 2 DPM-5,2-110-D09 DC excitation from permanent magnets is designed for use in the electric drive mechanism feeds of machine tools with numerical control and governance arrangements for working members of industrial robots.
The engine has two departures of the shaft and connectors.
Dimensions of two PD-5 ,2-110-D09:
- Length - 384mm;
- Diameter - 95mm.
Product Specifications 2 motors 2 DPM-5,2-110-D09:
Ambient temperature - from-5 º C to +40 º C;
Relative humidity - 98% at 25 º C;
High uniformity of rotation in the range of 1:10,000;
The high dynamics in transient conditions, due to the high multiplicity ratio of torque to the moment of inertia;
The high heat capacity, which provides resistance to high gravitational forces in a long time;
High torque at low speeds, which provides a direct connection with the actuator shaft;
2 PD-5 ,2-110-D09 withstand high overload;
Operates in conditions of continuous operation;
Construction of brush-collector unit provides reliable switching in high accelerations and accelerations;
Voltage - 110V;
Rated torque - 5.2 Nm;
Supply current - 13.5 A;
Rated power kW -0.75;
Rated speed - 1500 rpm.;
Weight 2 DPM-5,2-110-D09 - 18 kg;
Minimum time - 2000ch.