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Cathode-ray tube 17LO4I-1 (17LO-4I-1, 17LO 4I 1, 17LO4I1, 17LO4I 1, 17L04I-1)
Cathode-ray tube 17LO4I-1 is designed for visual detection of two or more simultaneously occurring electrical processes in the frequency range up to 50MHz.
Technical characteristics of the devices cathode-ray tube 17LO4I-1:
Cathode-ray tube oscillographic without remembering.
Tube 17LO4I-1 with two lucheobrazuyuschimi systems scale to besparallaksnogo reference flat screen rectangular green glow and afterglow middle, high sensitivity to rejection, the findings of deflection plates in the neck of the cylinder, providing a reduction of interelectrode capacitance and increase the frequency range of reproducible signals.
The size of the working part of the screen - 100h120mm.
The width of the line unit focused cathode-ray tube 17LO4I-1:
- Vertical - no more than 0.6 mm;
- Horizontal - no more than 0.8 mm.