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    The CRT 15LO5I
    The CRT 15LO5I - electric vacuum product, designed for visual recording of electrical processes in electronic devices.
    Focusing the beam - electrostatic.
    Deflection - electrostatically.
    Emission color screen - green.
    Decoration - glass, wedge base.
    Cathode-ray tubes 15LO5I applies mainly of radio equipment in oscilloscopes.
    Transcribe ka 15LO5I designations:
    - 15 - screen size pipe diameter in inches;
    - LO - oscillographic lamp;
    - 5 - number, which is the tube, among others with the same screen size;
    - I - type designation screen.
    Specifications 15LO5I
    The luminance of the line pipe 15LO5I is 180 cd / m 2.The width of the line may be:
    - In the center of the screen - 0.4 mm;
    - To an edge of the screen at a diagonal, standing at 0.9 half diagonally from the center of the screen - 0.5 mm.
    The voltage of the product and its components 15LO5I served in Table 1.
    Table 1.
Title type voltage
Locking, the negative
30V - 70V
1st anode
2nd anode
4th anode
250V - 350V
Third anode
350V - 450V
Aberration corrector
Voltage corrector geometric distortion
0 - 200V
Voltage electrode system after acceleration
Voltage corrector astigmatism
100V to-100V
Voltage corrector nonlinearity
700V - 900V
The voltage of the anode 5
    Hours 15LO5I is not less than 750 hours.

Photos: 15LO5I

15LO5I tube image.
15LO5I tube image.
15LO5I front view.
15LO5I front view.
15LO5I side view.
15LO5I side view.
15LO5I rear view.
15LO5I rear view.
15LO5I side view.
15LO5I side view.
15LO5I overhead view.
15LO5I overhead view.