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0.776, 0.795, 0.796 Wire measuring 0.776, 0.795, 0.796.

0.776, 0.795, 0.796

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Measuring wire 0.776, 0.795, 0.796
Measuring wire 0.776, 0.795, 0.796 are used to measure the mean diameter of external thread, as well as measuring the thickness and width of the tooth sockets spline shafts and bushings with involute profile.
Product Specifications measuring wire 0.776, 0.795, 0.796:
Accuracy class - 1;
Measuring wire 0.776, 0.795, 0.796 is designed to control the mean diameter of the thread;
There are three basic ways to control: the method of one wire, two wires method and the method of the three wires;
The method of the three wires used the most, so a set of wires consists of three pieces;
This approach to determining the mean diameter has gained popularity due to the high accuracy of the final result;
The method of "three delays" is to obtain the mean diameter of the thread by calculating the diameter of an imaginary cylinder, crossing the threads. With this method you can determine the diameter of inch, metric and trapezoidal thread. The very same thread size is determined by the contact measuring instruments;
It should be noted that items measuring wire is 0.776, 0.795, 0.796 are always delivered a set that includes three tools.That is the number of wires allows you to create an imaginary cylinder on three axes, which is determined by the diameter of the thread;
Carried out mainly from delays in bearing steel (sometimes made of carbon) with wear-resistant coating;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality wire measuring 0.776, 0.795, 0.796 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.