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СИ-38Г Gamma counter SI-38g.


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Gamma counter SI-38G (SI38G, SR-38-F, SR 38 D, SI38-T, T SI38, SI 38g)
Gamma counter SI-38g is designed to designed to record the exposure dose of gamma radiation up to 1000R / h in radio devices.
Product Specifications gamma counters SI-38g:
Operating Voltage - 550V;
Slowness of the counting plateau characteristics - not less than 100V;
The slope of the plateau counting characteristics of a product of gamma-radiation counter SI-38g - less than 0.35% / V;
Pulse amplitude - at least 20V;
Sensitivity - 8.8 (imp / sec) / (R / h) -13.2 (imp / sec) / (R / h);
Own background articles gamma counter SI-38g - no more than 0,008 R / hr;
- Diameter - 10mm;
- Length - 60mm;
Product Weight gamma counter SI-38g - less than 4.5 g;
Term preservation of the counters for storage in a heated warehouse or store in air-conditioned, as well as counters, mounted in the protected equipment, spare parts or complete - 12 years.