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СИ-14Б Geiger-Mueller SR-14B.


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Geiger-Muller SI-14B (SI14B, SI-14-B, SR 14B, SI14-B, B SI14, SI 14B)
Geiger-Muller SR-14B is designed for measurement of soft beta-radiation for wide application in the field of radiation control.
Technical characteristics of the devices Geiger-Muller SR-14B:
Temperature - from -40 º C to +70 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 90%;
Atmospheric pressure - from 0.67 kPa to 294kPa;
Operating range of the instrument Geiger-Muller SR-14B - 350V-550V;
Slowness of the counting plateau characteristics - not less than 160V;
The slope of the counting characteristic plateau - 0.25% / V;
MED - 1000R / h;
Sensitivity of the instrument Geiger-Muller SR-14B at 1mkR / s - 300imp / s;
- Diameter - 84mm;
- Length - 26mm.