We are a dealer of ROSTOK PRIBOR


We have become a dealer of another enterprise that manufactures standard measuring equipment - LLC ROSTOK PRIBOR LTD.


In the past, the company was called the Kiev production association «Tochelectropribor», a little later the special design bureau (SDB) of the Rostok Company, and today it is called LLC ROSTOK PRIBOR LTD.


The Tochelectropribor Association produced products with a high accuracy class (0.01; 0.5). The list of products includes: electrodynamic, electrostatic, electromagnetic, ferrodynamic and others.



List of equipment (specific markings can be found in the table below):

- ammeters, voltmeters, voltammeters, wattmeters, wattvarmeters, phase meters;

- phase indicators, RCL meters, frequency meters, frequency dividers, installations for testing relay protection;

- measuring kits;

- measures: resistances, capacitance, inductance;

- bridges and measuring transformers;

- digital indication devices.


The main activities of the company:

- production, modernization of equipment;

- repair and maintenance of the listed devices;

- development and implementation of new digital display and positioning devices.


Product range ROSTOK PRIBOR:


Device type Modifications
Laboratory devices
Ammeters D553, D5078, D5079, D5080, D5090, D5099, D5100, D5101, E537, E538, E539, E540, E541, E542
Milliammeters D5075, D5076, D5077, D5096, D5097, D5098, E535, E536
Microammeters M2005
Voltmeters D5081, D5082, D5102, D5103, S503, S504, S505, S506, S507, S508, S509, S510, S511, E543, E544, E545, E546
Voltammeters M2015, M2017, M2044, M2051
Wattmeters D5061, D5062, D5063, D5064, D5065, D5066, D5067, D5085, D5086, D5087, D5088, D5089, D50166, D5092, D5093, D5094, D5095, D5104, D5105, D5106, D5107
Wattvarmeters D5068, D5069, D5070, D5071
Phase meters D5000, D5781, D5782
Measuring instruments
Phase indicators EI5001
Voltamperphasemeters VAF-85-M1
Measuring kits K505, K506, K540, K541
AC compensator K509
RCL meter R5030
Electrostatic kilovoltmeter S100, S196, S197
Relay protection testing facilities U5052, U5053, EU5000, EU5001
Frequency meters F5043
Voltmeters F5053
Millivoltmeters F5303
Ferrometer F5063
Frequency divider F5093
Millivoltammeter F5263
Program counter reversible F5264
AC zero indicator F582
Measures and box
Resistance box R33, R4830/1, R4830/2, R4830/3, R4831, R5018
Capacity box R5025 (ME5020), R597
Conductivity box R5054
Inductance box R5017
Inductance measures R5101, R5102, R5103, R5104, R5105, R5106, R5107, R5108, R5109, R5110, R5111, R5112, R5113, R5114, R5115, R596
Bridges and instrument transformers
Measuring current transformer unit I508M
Current transformers I54M, I515M, UTT-5M, UTT-6M1, UTT-6M2, I561
Calibration device for measuring transformers K535
Apparatus K507
AC and DC bridges R333, R5026M, R5083
Digital indication devices
Digital indication devices F5246, F5290, F5291

A large instrument range ROSTOK DEVICE will allow you to choose the right equipment, and we will help you with this!